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Shelf Accessories

Product ID: #233

Shopfit hold stock of a wide range of Point of Sale and Merchandising Accessories. These can be used to aid Brand Development and to enhance Customers shopping experience. These include:

Clip on Datastrip available in range of colours in Sizes 1000mm and 1250mm to suit label heights 39mm

Stick on Datastrip available in Colours Clear and White in Sizes 1000mm/1250mm to suit label heights 39mm

Two Position Clip on Datastrip for Lindi Refrigeration available in Sizes 1000mm/1250mm to suit label heights 39mm

Wooden Datastrip available in one clip position, available in Beech, Pine and Cherry in Sizes 1000mm/1250mm

Shelftalkers for extra Product information on Shelf Edge for Promotional or General Info, available in various Sizes

Inserts for Datastrip, available in a wide range of colours and sizes

For further information on our Shelf Accessories please download our brochure or call our Sales Team on 02830835531

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